Chris Pegman

NZIPP Master of Photography with Distinction
Master of WPE

Broad vistas that take your breath away and a sense of wonder at the enormity of it all. International award winning Panoramic Landscape & Astrophotographer Chris Pegman produces these kinds photographic art images by marrying the beauty of nature with technological advances in processing techniques & gear  with the intention of capturing the spirit of being there.

About Chris

Based in Canterbury and travelling extensively, Chris is an experienced and passionate photographer, having won many awards for his images both nationally and internationally. He is a NZIPP Master Photographer with Distinction and his works include commercial images for NZ tourism, Heritage New Zealand, and many others, including two voyages of 6 weeks in the Pitcairn Islands (perhaps the remotest island on the globe). Chris has been practicing as an Osteopath for over 30 years, and is a father of 3 daughters.

More info/history

Chris remembers Tourism NZ met him on a location where he was hanging out of a tree… ‘Get the shot’ he says is a deep motivator, as is ‘Don’t dream – do it!’

Having been fascinated by ‘what’s out there’ since childhood, and having played with colouring pencils then watercolours/acrylics through his teens, Chris moved on to photography in the late 1970s. It was then in The English Lake District he became hooked on the soliloquy of mountains and lakes. Picking up an SLR camera was a natural progression.

At this time everything was fully manual, something Chris now uses to great advantage, especially for astrophotography, where control over the camera helps you get the result you want.

Chris believes his days in the art classroom have led to his ‘painterly’ style of work. He is also drawn to ‘impressionist’ photography; images in this style are featured in a Feb 2020 CD release by Frank van Essen from the band ‘Iona’.
His astrophotography has also been featured by guitarist and composer Dave Bainbridge.

I speak through the lens from my heart, and aim to be capturing the heart of what I’m feeling on location. People seem to relate to this and appreciate the passion that goes into my work. I believe the ingredients that go into the success of my photography are good preparation (sometimes many months), lots of patience, and being prepared to learn … as well as a fully charged night head torch or two … and excellent winter thermals!

By day or night, I am passionate to bring out the emotion of the landscapes that I am fortunate enough to visit.

I hope you both see and feel that in my work, gain a sense of wonder, and are encouraged to get out, look around, and up!